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La Crosse Encephalitis:  USA - Human
Washington Washington Washington Montana Maine Maine North Dakota South Dakota Wyoming Wisconsin Wisconsin Idaho Vermont Minnesota Oregon New Hampshire Iowa Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Nebraska New York New York New York New York Pennsylvania Connecticut Rhode Island Rhode Island Rhode Island New Jersey Indiana Nevada Utah California California California California California Ohio Illinois District of Columbia Delaware West Virginia Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Colorado Kentucky Kentucky Kansas Virginia Virginia Virginia Missouri Arizona Oklahoma North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina Tennessee Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas New Mexico Alabama Mississippi Georgia Georgia South Carolina South Carolina Arkansas Louisiana Louisiana Louisiana Louisiana Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan
Map Scalebar 1000 km
Final 2006 Data as of 3 am, May 01, 2007*
National Cumulative Human Disease Cases:67
These data are provisional and may be revised or adjusted in the future.
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* States and counties in yellow are those in which virus activity has been reported historically, but no positive test results have been reported or no surveillance has occurred this year.