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West Nile Virus
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West Nile Virus:  Hawaii - Human
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Kauai County Kauai County Kauai County Honolulu County (1) Honolulu County (1) Honolulu County (1) Maui County Kalawao County Maui County Maui County Maui County Hawaii County
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Cumulative 2014 Data as of 3 am, Jun 11, 2015*
[Epi curve - Vertical bar graph showing number of incidents for each of 52 weeks]
Cumulative Human Disease Cases by Local Jurisdiction - Hawaii, 2014
Honolulu County1
Cumulative Total Entire State: 1
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Map Legend
* Data demonstrates local jurisdiction of residence and not necessarily the locale where the infection was acquired.
** States and counties in yellow are those in which virus activity has been reported historically, but no positive test results have been reported or no surveillance has occurred this year.